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Thursday, February 3, 2011

tipikal : pertikai

i can hear people asking shits like this all the time, and i wonder why.

"why do i hav fat asses?"

"why our family are damn poor?"

why my face like a drag-queen?"

"knape dia yang jadi ketua? aku yang lebih baek!" (are u sure?)

"knape aku yang sering ditinggalkan yadayadayada"

Easy. The answer is easy, folks!

me : Kau nak PERTIKAI keje Tuhan ?


people nowadays are hard to believe. More EDUCATED you are, more ridiculous your attitude is. WTF ???

God always know what God is doing. that's why God has al-Alim in the list of Asma ul Husna.

"sebesar-besar bala, datang dugaan, tak tahan sabar"

Just admit it, LOL. Payah sikit, merungut. Susah sikit, putus asa.

Lemme ask you now. "Kau bergantung hati pada siapa?"

Your own effort? Your abilities? People around you? or, ALLAH ?

We don't just believe in Rukun Iman. We must have faith in it.


we don't ask what God has decided for us to happen.

we think.

that's the reason why God give us MiND, that differ us with animals.

we accept.

that's the reason why we have iman, that can be increased or decreased.

we learn.

so that we will have effort to avoid same things from happening and always pray to God.

Typical enough? Yes for me.

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